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Credit and Loan is based on the need for knowledge

The credit blog on Credit and Loan is growing every day. New articles are emerging, and so is the number of experts who share their knowledge. Therefore, we decided to subtitle some of our blog.

Tell what goals we set for ourselves in terms of its creation and convey what we are guided by when choosing the topics of the articles. We are always open to suggestions, so we will be grateful for sending comments or suggestions to our e-mail address in connection with the further creation of materials for the credit blog.

The credit blog on Credit and Loan is based on the need for knowledge

The credit blog on Credit and Loan is based on the need for knowledge

Credit and Loan, which we emphasize many times, is a platform that is to give the Customer the knowledge – knowledge and experience of the Credit Agent. The customer, therefore, completes the application himself, receives the offers, and the Agent contacts him at that moment to help the customer choose the product.

This is just one element of knowledge distribution. The second, which we also care about is building customer knowledge and awareness. It is important for us that the consumer is able in the future to be able to make decisions about the most important points on the financial map of his life.

That is why we create and develop our credit block. We want the blog to include articles on topics important from the point of view of building the financial everyday life of a standard financial market participant.

Blog on Credit and Loan is created by qualified financial market specialists

Financial products as one of the main topics


The topics that we choose for our readers can be divided into several categories. First, we try to write about credit and loan products divided into the banking and non-banking markets. But not only we focus on product design – it is important for us that everyone understands the basis on which to choose financial solutions.

Therefore, we write what creditworthiness is, how financing institutions assess it, what is taken into account when assessing creditworthiness and what the customer can count on as a result of the analysis. In this way, we try to show that there are two client financing markets – bank and non-bank. Each of these markets is characterized by the presence of specific products.

And here again we are trying to show the consumer that he has a choice in the selection, but also that the product he chooses will depend on the goal he would like to achieve. For example, a bank customer who wants to buy a property will apply for a mortgage. A non-bank customer looking in between for a car should look for a multi-installment loan for any purpose or a targeted loan for buying a car.

What else is important about the credit blog?


But financial products are just one important aspect. To compare offers, knowledge about products is not enough. We need to know the fees and basic concepts associated with them – e.g. APRC. We should know how the interest rate is calculated and what types of interest are distinguished.

It is worth knowing the basic methods of loan repayment, or how the interest installment differs from the principal and interest installment. In the most important topics related to concepts, legislation, and processes fundamental to credit processes, we also write on our financial blog.

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